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Page last edited on 23 April, 2003

Who is Harun Yahya?

Adnan Oktar, using the pen-name "Harun Yahya", devoted his life to explaining the existence and the unity of Allah and the magnificence of the morals of the Quran. He spent all his life serving for this purpose from his early ages. He has never given up against the difficulties that he faced.

Adnan Oktar Starts Inviting People to the Religion of Allah

Adnan Oktar's efforts to communicate people the religion of Allah started in 1979, when he came to Istanbul from Ankara, to attend the Mimar Sinan University. During this period, the school was completely under the influence of illegal Marxist organisations. Including the instructors, everybody in the university were atheists adopting the materialist standpoint. Instructors took every opportunity to indoctrinate the materialist views and Darwinism to their students even when the subject of their lectures had no relation to them.

Adnan Oktar started his efforts under such circumstances where Allah, all religious and moral values were strongly denied. In such an environment, he displayed a total commitment to tell people about the unity and existence of Allah. According to what his mother Mrs. Mediha Oktar tells, he used to read until late hours and made in-depth studies with a few hours sleep a day. In a short while, including the basic works about Marxism, communism and materialist philosophy, he read hundreds of books and compiled all the contradictions, deadlocks and lies inherent in all the philosophies and ideologies resting upon the denial of Allah.

He lost no time to use this accumulation of work for the honourable mission he undertook; in the university, he communicated the existence and unity of Allah. In the school canteen, on the corridors or during breaks, one could see him telling about Allah.

Among the Unbelievers saying "I will wage war against Allah"

To start with, the primary goal of Adnan Oktar was to prove the invalidity of the theory of evolution. This made-up theory, the basis of disbelief, was presented under the guise of science. Therefore its mask had to be uncovered by means of science. He compiled the summary of his researches and works in a booklet "The Evolution Theory." He undertook all costs of this booklet by selling some of the estates he inherited from his family. Then, he started distributing free copies of this booklet to university students and discussed it with them.

The booklet was indeed a comprehensive work which revealed that the evolution theory was a fraud having no scientific and logical value. However, some students who had a blind attachment to the materialistic thought clearly expressed their insistence on denial by the words "If I saw Allah with my eyes, I would wage war against Him."

Furthermore, some leftist militant students at the university were straightforwardly threatening Oktar stating that he would put his life into jeopardy if he did not put an end to his activities. However such pressure and threats only made Oktar more committed and enthusiastic about his goal. The strong reactions and concerns displayed by materialist and atheist circles were the evident indications that Adnan Oktar was on the right path.

During a time when anarchy was prevailing over the country, causing the death of tens of people everyday, he was openly telling the existence of Allah in a university where Marxists were dominant. This was actually a place where everyone was even afraid to express their faith. However, even in this environment, he used to go to the nearby Molla mosque to attend regular prayers under the threats of people surrounding him.

The Fear of Atheist Instructors

During this period, there were two well-known instructors who were continuously making atheism and Darwinism propaganda. For this reason, they gained popularity and respect among Marxist students. However, during the discussions they made with Adnan Oktar, the illogical answers they gave together with their inability to defend their views clearly revealed the invalidity of these views they told to their students for years.

One day after the lecture, one of these instructors made a brief yet efficient discussion about the deadlocks of the evolution theory with Adnan Oktar. This person could bring no reasonable explanation and answer to the scientific documents and logical explanations provided by Adnan Oktar. All he could do was to leave that place immediately. After that day, this person who used to make "serious" lengthy philosophical conversations with his students after the lectures on the corridors started to hurry to his office not to meet Adnan Oktar.

"What matters is to gain the good pleasure of Allah"

During the Mimar Sinan University years, Adnan Oktar was alone in his efforts for a very long time. For almost four years there was no one supporting his views. However, this lack of support did not lead to a slightest change in his commitment since he only did these to gain the good pleasure of Allah, knowing that his real protector is Allah.

Now and then there were some young people who listened to him and agreed with his views. However, this was no more than a passing interest which never turned into a wholehearted support. Four years passed and during these four years Adnan Oktar, in the dark and narrow corridors of the Mimar Sinan University, were in search of people who could grasp the existence and religion of Allah. These were actually the years he carried out his ideological struggle against Marxism and atheism all alone by his personal means. Leading Marxists in the school started to avoid him. Unable to refute his scientific arguments about the evolution theory and marxism, they could do nothing except blaming and criticising him for his beard, clothes and his way of living.

Under such pressure, Adnan Oktar could think his efforts to be vain and simply give up. Yet, he did not. With determination and commitment, he continued to convey the words of Allah to people around him. Following the words of Bedi-uz-zaman Said Nursi, "The skill is not to gather an abundance of listeners but to gain the good pleasure of Allah", he continued his efforts.

Finally in 1982, a few young people who attended Mimar Sinan University, started to provide a wholehearted support to Oktar. As years passed by, the number of his supporters increased. The miracles in the creation of Allah, the invalidity of Marxist views, a dominant ideology then, were the major subjects of Adnan Oktar's conversations with these young people. His main ambition was to guide these young people in being honourable people for their country and people. From 1982 to 1984, a group of 20-30 young people was formed who gathered in mosques, the only places they could meet, to talk to each other.

"Young People From High Schools who Attended Regular Prayers"


The mothers complain of Adnan Hodja:
"Our children have quit drinking alcohol"


During those years, Adnan Oktar did not have the means to tell his beliefs to masses. This was the major reason which led him to get in touch with elite people and those sections of society who were efficient and had influence over masses. They had to be the type of people who could convey Oktar's messages to masses and impress them. It was during this period that, by the will of Allah, Adnan Oktar had the opportunity to meet the wealthy section of the society for the first time. In 1984, some young people, children of prominent families of İstanbul, who attended private high schools were introduced to him. These young people, started to meet Oktar to listen to his thoughts. Their adherence to the morals of Islam and national values would surely impress other people. During the two years following the year 1984, conversations held with young people, who were then attending private high schools in İstanbul, were about moral and national values. During these years, Oktar did not attend to Mimar Sinan University. He was registered with a new college, Istanbul University, Philosophy Department. Yet, he also could not attend to this department since his beard became a problem.

Young people who knew Oktar felt great sympathy for him and were greatly impressed by his good manners, conversation and attitude. Since these young people introduced also their friends to him, a great number of high school students had the chance to meet him. However, masses knew him for the first time in 1986, by means of an article published in Nokta (The Point) magazine.

Reactions to the book Jews and Freemasonry

Meanwhile, Adnan Oktar's researches about Jews and Freemasonry were about to be published. Adnan Oktar concentrated all his efforts on this subject since in the Qur'an, Allah draws our attention to the Jews, as one of the greatest enemy of believers. Oktar, as a result of his researches, arrived to the conclusion that the activities of Zionism in our country were carried out by freemasonry, a hidden group.

There was a covert yet extensive influence of freemasonry on state offices, academicians, bureaucrats, politicians and people from media. That is why Adnan Oktar focused on this subject. With great difficulty, he reached to the original publications of freemasons. A thorough and meticulous examination of these books and magazines for years was concluded with the publication of Judaism and Freemasonry.

The publication of "Judaism and Freemasonry" was going to be an important turning point for Adnan Oktar. The dark face of freemasons, who conducted their activities secretly until then, was disclosed to the public.

Freemasons Start to Attack

The essential secrets of freemasons were revealed to the public; surely this was not something freemasons sympathised with. On the other hand, some elite families were restless about their children who started to fulfil their religious duties and lead an honourable life. That is why these people thought that it was time to stop Adnan Oktar.


Spiritual torment to Adnan Hodja


As a first attempt, they offered huge sums of money to stop the publication of the book Jews and Freemasonry. When they received a negative response, they started to threaten him. Yet, when they realised that these threats also proved to be useless, they arrested Adnan Oktar for a crime he never had the chance to know. According to what they said, he was arrested due to the words "I am from the nation of Ibrahim and Turkish tribe" he said in an interview published in a newspaper. This was also the time when false reports, baseless news items, slanders about him started to appear in the media. Freemasons comprehended that he was a real threat against their corrupted ideology and decided to prevent it before it was too late. 

Torture in the Mental Hospital

Adnan Oktar is put in a cell consisting of the most dangerous mental patients. His friends were only able to see him for 5-10 minutes behind the iron bars. He always said "Do not worry, Allah is with us" to his visitors.

Adnan Oktar was first arrested and put into a cell in prison. Then, he was transferred to the most famous mental hospital of Turkey and placed under observation in 14A, a special section where only very dangerous patients stayed who were immune to punishment. Since murders were very ordinary incidents among these mentally-sick, Oktar was expected to be victimised by one of them. For a certain period of time, he was chained to bed from his foot and exposed to cruel treatments. By force, he was given drugs blurring consciousness. Meanwhile, his young friends who succeeded to visit and see him secretly witnessed that he never lost his commitment and excitement in the hospital. Moreover, all the things he went through added more to his commitment. The expressions on his face seen on the photographs taken in front of the bars were clear indications that Adnan Oktar was determined to continue.

Even under these hard conditions, he was very interested in the well-being of his friends. He paid a meticulous attention that their manners and attitudes were in compliance with Islamic morals and principles.


Adnan Hodja released after 19 months

For this end, he gave individual advice to them. He knew the personal difficulties they had to overcome and accordingly guided them. Oktar was held in prison and mental hospital for a total of 19 months and then acquitted and released by the court since his statements were found to be inoffensive.

During the time he was in the mental hospital, the number of his young supporters increased dramatically. Some of them made his acquaintance in the hospital. A few minutes of talk they made with Adnan Oktar behind the hospital bars, where they could only reach by jumping over the hospital fences, made majority of them a life-time adherent of his views.

Young People Surrounding Him

Some of the young people following Adnan Oktar were popular names of one of the most wealthy district of Istanbul, the Baghdad street. Some were intelligent and successful university students. Others were the children of well-known and wealthy families in high society. They usually had different backgrounds yet they had one thing in common: they all had a hearty attachment to the morals of Islam, gave primary importance to spiritual, national and moral values and had a profound love and respect for Adnan Oktar. For 19 months, Adnan Oktar was not among them. Yet, they never left one another. On the contrary, they had a stronger attachment to each other and became stronger and more committed to their values. The moral structure they acquired in time from Adnan Oktar gave them a firm spirit.

Meanwhile, they were constantly receiving negative reactions from their families, old friends and their instructors at the university. All these people were thinking that these young people were indoctrinated. They offered huge sums of money, holidays and various other attractive presents to make them leave the way of living they adopted. However, these young people declined these offers since they knew that they were being tested in this world with these favours and the real place to attend was the hereafter. Material possessions were only valuable if they were spent for the cause of Allah. They were actually not the means to satisfy one's wishes....

What Adnan Oktar demanded from these young people who loved him was to be sincere towards Allah. According to him, sincerity was the essence of all worships and it was impossible that one could attain good manners of Islam without it. He always said to his friends "Do not expect admiration from anyone- neither from me, nor from one another- for what you do. Only work to attain the good pleasure of Allah. Otherwise, your deeds may be in vain." He always said that everyone will be judged in the presence of Allah and consequently they had to, under all circumstances, behave in the most decent way.

The Theory of Evolution

Since 1979 when he started to communicate his views about religion, disclosing the real face of the theory of evolution had always been the major goal of Adnan Oktar. In the following years, too, he gave primary importance to this subject and carried out activities against Darwinism. In 1986, he compiled all his valuable researches on Darwinism in the book Living Beings and Evolution. In the light of scientific sources, this book was showing the impasse of the theory of evolution and revealed the fact of creation. For years, this book was referred to as the main source of anti-Darwinism.

During those years, friends of Adnan Oktar also concentrated their works on this issue. In colleges and high schools, scientific arguments were carried out among students, which was a total surprise to some old university instructors blindly attached to Darwinism. In their life-time, this was the first time they met such students who knew more about the theory of evolution than themselves and defended creation. In some universities, conferences about the theory of evolution were held. To their disappointment, atheist instructors and students who enthusiastically participated in these conferences were "shocked" by the scientific evidence provided in these conferences. These were actually the introductory studies of the campaign which would be initiated in 1998. The goal of the campaign was evident: to eradicate the evolution theory and materialism from history.

Cocaine Plot

In 1990, Adnan Oktar and his young friends founded the Science Research Foundation. Their nationalist activities continued with an even better determination during this period. In the midst of the year 1991, however, an interesting incident happened. Adnan Oktar, who was then in Izmir, was suddenly arrested by the police together with a few of his young friends. He was then transferred to İstanbul Security Headquarters, where he was detained for 62 hours. After 62 hours, he was sent to Forensic Medicine Institution for a cocaine test. The result was very interesting indeed! It was understood that a plot was made to detect high doses of a by- product of cocaine in the blood! Some media organs used this plot for their own purposes and hurled unbelievable slanders against Adnan Oktar.

Only some time later the pieces of evidence proving that this event was actually a plot planned against Oktar were provided.

Adnan Oktar stayed in the Security Headquarters for 62 hours and the test was conducted after 62 hours.

However, by considering the amount of the by-product of cocaine in the blood, one could scientifically calculate the exact amount of cocaine taken. Furthermore, this calculation could indicate how many hours ago the cocaine was taken. The dose of the cocaine detected in Adnan Oktar's blood was, however, at a fatal level, had it been taken 62 hours ago. In other words, such a high dose of cocaine would kill him if he took it 62 hours ago. This result clearly showed that the cocaine detected in Adnan Oktar's blood entered his body during those 62 hours, which means, during the time he was detained in the security headquarters. In other words, cocaine was mixed to his food when he was under police detainment.

This fact was also confirmed by 30 international forensic medicine institutions, including Scotland Yard, and Adnan Oktar was acquitted. However, this cocaine plot revealed an important fact: there were some dark circles who had deep-rooted enmity towards Adnan Oktar and hence employed every type of illegal method to hinder his activities. It was evident that Masonic centres, in an attempt to intimidate Oktar by prison and pressure, this time hatched the cocaine plot.

Harun Yahya Series

After Adnan Oktar was acquitted, he focused his studies on his books. Under the pen name Harun Yahya, he published many books on political and faith related issues. As always, Oktar's young friends assisted him during the research and publishing stages of these books.

Today Adnan Oktar has more than one hundred books, some of which are translated into English. These books are quite popular in the countries they are published.

Adnan Oktar, who was aware that materialist philosophy and its so called scientific basis, the theory of evolution, are major threats to the well being of society, the moral and national values and integrity of our country, attached primary importance to this issue, especially from 1997 on. During that year, the theory of evolution was included in the schools curriculum, which made young generations inclined to materialist dogmas, scientific frauds and lies. One surely would not allow the young generations to be brainwashed and simply become prone to ideologies, threatening the integrity of the country.

Views in Adnan Oktar's Works

The books of Adnan Oktar written under the pen name Harun Yahya presents a great accumulation of information and culture. In these books, there exists an extensive range of issues including the miracles of creation, topics from the Qur'an, foreign politics of Turkey, freemasonry and its political impact over the world.

Looking at the content of these books, it is possible to say that Adnan Oktar adopts a nationalist political stance.

In the books on political issues, maintenance of the integral structure of Turkey, welfare of the state and the nation, and the protection of national values are underlined. Adnan Oktar states the detriments disbelief gives to a nation in his book The Nightmare of Disbelief:"The absence of morals of Islam creates an environment where father stirs up enmity against his own son while the son feels the same for his father. Brothers become enemies, employers oppress their employees while employees adopt a hostile manner to their bosses. Anarchy prevails and factories cease to operate, whole business life suffers a total loss. Social anarchy becomes an indivisible component of life; the poor attack the wealthy while the wealthy exploit the poor. In professional life, a constant struggle among several segments prevails. Struggle, conflict and anarchy become a way of living for society. The sole reason for all this disorder is the absence of the fear of Allah. Those who have no fear for Allah easily do injustice, commit murder, and resort to unprecedented violence... Moral values of religion, however, eradicate such negative attitudes...Social peace longed for and dreamed, yet which remained to be an utopia for centuries may turn out to be truth any moment."

These statements together with numerous others in his works reveal Adnan Oktar' s personality: he is actually a nationalist who only thinks for the good of Turkey and aims to make his country and nation attain better moral standards. However, it is interesting that as a result of the provocation of the Masonic media, today Adnan Oktar is being presented as "a great threat" to Turkey. This is actually a good example of Masons mastering their skills to "show traitors as reliable people and the reliable as traitors" ...

Surely, nobody says to Adnan Oktar that he committed the "crimes" of inviting people to the path of Allah and moral values, making them love Islam, advising them to be patriot, to work for the good of the country and against materialism, disbelief and all anti-national movements and ideologies. Yes, in the eyes of those who want to prevent him, these are the "crimes" he committed. Meanwhile, as always, media undertook the task of reflecting these incidents in a totally different way to the public...

However, as Adnan Oktar always states, they, too, have inevitably submitted to Allah's Will and although they are not aware, they act our their part in their fate in the best manner. They do their best so that believers are tested with a gracious test, their rewards are increased in the presence of Allah, that the right ones are revealed and everyone acknowledges them.

In accordance with the ayat of the Qur'an, "Nor can goodness and Evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better" (Surah Fussilat: 34), he approaches peacefully and tolerant to those who bear enmity against him. And he says that "The fate Allah creates is always perfect, there is a good in all".

[taken from www.harunyahya.com ]

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Last updated on 13 March, 2003

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